A virtual company was formed in the USA when a Canadian company acquired the rights to a product that had been discontinued about six years earlier due to flagging sales. 

The company engaged HealthConnect to set up and manage customer care and medical information services for both countries. Because the product was considered a medical product in one country and a medical device in the other, completely separate databases and telephony structures were designed and built to handle the respective needs of both countries. 

The company successfully relaunched and expanded globally.


At 6:30 PM on a Friday night in February, HealthConnect received a call from a long-standing client. Health Canada had advised a nationwide recall of a children’s product. The client anticipated the call volumes would be 10-20 times the normal volume – too much for the existing team to handle.

Over the weekend, the HealthConnect team:

  • Reprogrammed the telephony system to reroute recall calls, allowing the existing team to handle regular calls and emails for the company’s other products.
  • Established a process to triage calls and emails.
  • Set up emergency computer stations in the company training facility.
  • Initiated recruiting of temporary staff to handle standard reply emails.

By the end of the recall, HealthConnect successfully: 

  • Handled over 30,000 contacts.
  • Processed thousands of refund cheques.
  • Identified and streamed adverse reaction reports to the dedicated team to handle.


A European company partnered with a Canadian company to bring a medical device to Canada. The product, manufactured in Europe, was shipped to Canada and packaged to meet Canadian bilingual labelling regulations. 

HealthConnect was contracted to:

  • Set up a customer care line to handle questions, adverse event reports and product quality complaints in English and French
  • Securely process credit card transactions
  • Build the online ordering platform 
  • Handle sale and distribution of online orders

The team set up a dedicated, completely secure platform to meet all requirements in time for the product launch.