Creating Partnerships Based on Trust

Outsourcing Medical Information Services frees up the company’s health care professionals to work on bigger priorities. When trust is built, the relationship can provide even more value. Here’s our approach. 


One of the biggest advantages to outsourcing the Medical Information Service is it frees up those health care professionals to work on really important things, like new product development, new indications for product or working with key opinion leaders.


The other big advantage to the client – when we point and click on these frequently asked questions, we’re tagging it and we’re able to report to the clients, on a monthly or quarterly basis, the questions that are being asked, the frequency of the questions that are being asked. And that information can be extremely valuable from a marketing point of view. And it can be also valuable to the medical information people. 


It’s interesting because when you talk about how we’re measured, the typical contract that comes in gives you KPIs – key performance indexes – that talk about calls answered in so many minutes, and that typically is how a contract initially starts. 


But what happens after a fashion is that people will say, “Oh, we’re getting really good feedback.’ In addition to evolving with use of technology, we’re evolving the measurement of how these services are perceived. And it comes back to we don’t sell Contact Center, call centers, we sell Customer Care. 


That changes the engagement that we have with our clients because we’re not just delivering a product for them. We’re actually acting as the frontline for them. We’re representing them and we want to be proud of the fact that we were representing them, and we want them to trust us to represent them properly. 


That’s what partnering for success is all about.


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