Embracing Challenges with Skill and Humour

The company we started 30 years ago has changed. So have we. But one thing never changes…

Learn what that is.


We like to think of HealthConnect as a Blue Ocean company. 


If you think about all the products and services that we’ve offered over the years and where we’ve succeeded, there’s a thread that runs through everything.


We listen to clients – what their problems or their challenges are – and ask a lot of questions and then we do is come up with solutions to address their concerns. 


We started out as a project management team to handle the logistics of new product launches so that they could focus on strategy.


Marcel and I have worked together for 30-odd years, interestingly enough, mostly in the same physical office. Which I know a lot of people couldn’t do, but I think part of the reason we’re able to do that is we have such complementary skill sets. 


I mean, you’re a pharmacologist, I came from the industry, and I was in sales and marketing. I’ve done clinical trials. And Vera came from the advertising agency side.


He’s the regulation, I’m creative. That’s about it.


It’s what we do, we pivot, look for solutions and try to take care of our client’s challenges.


And I can’t imagine what I would do with this man if he wasn’t busy fixing things and solving problems because it’s what he does, or golfing. Or golfing.


It’s all about meeting the client’s needs. That’s what we do. That’s how we built our business.



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