Managing Differences with Clear Processes

The rules and regulations for communicating information on medical devices vary between Canada and the USA. With one team handling calls from both countries, we developed processes and programming to create compliance. Here’s how.


A few years ago, we had a US client who was relaunching a prescription product, and we were hired to provide medical information services for both US and Canada. 


The challenge was that the product was classified differently in Canada versus the US and so the information you could share with callers was quite different. 


So what we did as a solution was, we provided a separate toll-free number for the US, a separate toll-free number for Canada and we linked it to a specific database where we had programmed all the appropriate frequently asked questions or FAQs as we call them. Because the laws and the regulations are so different in Canada in the US, we had to make absolutely certain that we were sharing the appropriate information with the callers. 


We also have a standard operating procedure that if we do not have a question and an approved response, we will tell the callers that we will have to do some research and get back to them.


The other thing we do with all our programming is while the majority of our agents are bilingual, they’re not translators, which is why it’s so important to program the responses that they are providing callers in both English and French. 


Sometimes the best solution is to do things differently.




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