Managing Medical Information for Cannabis Clients

A lot of pharmaceutical companies realize that outsourcing medical information services is beneficial, and that insight has expanded to companies in the cannabis area. Curious about what that involves?


A lot of companies have come to realize that outsourcing a function like medical information services, is beneficial to them, because then they can focus on what their forte is, which is drug development, working with KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and whatnot.


For many years, what we would do in terms of adverse event reporting for our clients, our Health Information Consultants would take all the required information to file a report. We would then send that report to the client, They would have Health Care Professionals on their team, who would do an assessment of the report to determine whether or not it was serious enough to have to be expedited and filed directly with Health Canada. 


What we’ve been finding in the last few years is more and more clients coming to us and asking us if we could do the entire suite of services on their behalf. 


It so happens that the first couple of clients that we got, that wanted those services, that we signed on with, are in the cannabis area. So they’re makers of medical cannabis, and we now will handle the entire suite, including the annual summary reports, the filing with Health Canada, etc. 


I’m even finding that some of the larger companies are starting to even look at outsourcing that functions as well. 


So if you’re looking for that type of opportunity, please call HealthConnect because we can help you.



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