Meeting Needs with Care and Compliance


Providing consumers and patients with helpful information includes creating a safe space for them to get answers, as well as meeting them at their level of technological comfort. Here’s how we meet those needs.


One of our goals in providing customer care is to provide a safe environment for people to get information and support. 


So what we tend to look at, is we look at the audience and we look at what their comfort levels are. And we look at the content, and we design the program accordingly. 


So, for example, a number of years back we did programs on incontinence and bowel movements, and impotence, all things that are very, very sensitive and people are too embarrassed to phone. So the solution that we came up with in that regard was, we created a series of recorded FAQ’s. So somebody could get on the phone, find the FAQ they wanted, and listen to it.  Get the information they wanted. Because if you’re not comfortable using the internet, and you’re not comfortable talking on the phone about a sensitive situation, that’s the wrong way to deliver a program. 


We also look at providing the training to our agents in such a way that they know that they’re comfortable giving the information. That helps them have an impact. And that’s one of the things we’re asking them to measure. 


We don’t tend to measure based on “Can you get that call done in two minutes?” but ‘Are you going to have an impact?” 


It needs to be done in a way that’s compliant with the rules and regulations. But in the end, the most important thing is that we’ve satisfied whatever need the caller had, the customer had.


If we’ve done that, we’ve done our job.



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