Privacy and Terms of USE

Privacy and Terms of Use

Our Commitment to Privacy

HealthConnect cares about your privacy. To help protect your privacy please read the following information which explains our practices and how we collect and use your information and how you can reach us with any questions or concerns regarding your privacy and use of this website.

Confidentiality and Privacy

HealthConnect maintains strict policies and procedures for protecting the confidentiality of the information you share with us. If you do not want us to collect your personal information, please do not provide it to us. Use of this website is considered consent to the collection of your Personal Information by HealthConnect.

If you have provided us with contact information, and not indicated that you do not wish further contact, we may provide information and follow up via phone, mail, email and/or text messaging on services offered by HealthConnect. We do not use your information for any other purpose unless you have consented.

Additional Information About Your Privacy Rights

HealthConnect is committed to meeting or exceeding the privacy standards established by Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and we follow the Ten Privacy Principles described in that Act to govern our actions with respect to the use of personal information. The information below outlines the principles we use in gathering, using, maintaining and protecting personal information you provide us.


By using this website (the “Site”), you confirm that you understand that HealthConnect Inc. provides this website “As is” as a service and is not liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from use of this Site. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, do not use this Site.

Terms and Conditions may change at any time. Your continued usage of the HealthConnect Inc. website indicates your agreement to those changes.

Trademarks and Copyrights

(short ‘n’ sweet): HealthConnect Inc. owns and operates this Site. All trade names, trademarks, logos and other intellectual property are the property of HealthConnect Inc. or its clients. All content, site design, text, graphics, materials, service names and the visual representation and selection thereof are the property of HealthConnect Inc. or its clients. Copyright © HealthConnect Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

(details): HealthConnect Inc., owns and operates this Site. “HealthConnect”, “HealthConnect Pharmacy”, “p.r.n. Directory”, “Clinical Monitoring Group”, “80/20 Communications”, “DDx Health Strategies” “Rent a brain”, “The ultimate resource directory for the pharma industry”, “Patient Experience Programs”, and any related words, domain names and logos are trademarks and considered the property of HealthConnect Inc. All content, site design, text, graphics, materials, service names and the visual representation and selection thereof are the property of HealthConnect Inc. or its clients. All trade names, trademarks and logos that are not property of HealthConnect Inc. are used by HealthConnect Inc. with permission from their respective owners. Copyright © HealthConnect Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

HealthConnect authorizes an individual to view or download a single copy of the material on this Site. Use is to be solely for your personal, non-commercial use. Any display or printing must include the copyright notice: “© HealthConnect Inc., All Rights Reserved” as well as any other proprietary rights and copyright notices associated with the Content. The use of any Content for any other reason, on any other website, or the adaptation, distribution or republication of this material without prior written permission is strictly prohibited.

The Content in is protected by copyright under Canadian and foreign laws. HealthConnect Inc. or its licensors reserve Title to the Content and all other rights not expressly granted herein. Any use of the Content not expressly permitted under the Terms and Conditions is a breach of the Terms and Conditions, and may violate copyright, trademark and other laws. Violation of any of the Terms and Conditions automatically terminates your permission to use the Content and any stored or printed materials you may have. You must immediately destroy any copies.

Content is subject to change or termination without notice at the sole discretion of HealthConnect Inc.

Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer

The material and Content on this Site and the Site itself are provided “As Is” as a service to you with no express or implied representations or warranties regarding content or presentation nor any relevance or appropriateness for use. By using this Site you acknowledge that HealthConnect Inc. makes no warranties or representations regarding accuracy, errors and omissions, completeness, currency, relevance or accessibility of the Site or the Content of the Site.

HealthConnect Inc. has no control over sites that may be from time to time linked to this Site and as such do not endorse or accept responsibility for any content or use of these sites.

By using this Site you acknowledge that none of the corporation nor its respective employees, directors, affiliates or representatives are liable for any damages resulting from or in connection with use or performance of the Site, regardless of whether such damages or injuries could be foreseeable or due to negligence. This Limitation of Liability is comprehensive of all damages of any kind, including without limitation, compensation for direct, indirect, consequential or projected damages; loss of data, income, time or property; as well as any third party claims, whether in an action of contract, negligence or tort.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This Site (excluding linked websites) is controlled from the offices of HealthConnect Inc., which is physically located in the Province of New Brunswick, Canada. Through the internet, the Site can be accessed from all provinces and territories of Canada, and from other countries around the world. By accessing this Site, you agree that all matters regarding use, access, or transactions through this Site, or any other hyperlinked website, shall be governed by the laws of the Province of New Brunswick and the relevant and applicable federal laws of Canada. You also voluntarily agree through use of this Site to submit to the exclusive personal jurisdiction and venue of the courts of the Province of New Brunswick.

This Agreement and all documents relating thereto are to be made in English.

Complete Agreement

Except as expressly provided in a “legal notice” on the Site, these Terms and Conditions, and the HealthConnect Inc. Privacy Policy, comprise the entire agreement between you and HealthConnect Inc. with respect to the use of the Site and the Content.


If you have any questions about this privacy policy or the use of this Site, please contact us at

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